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I’ve bought a new house with a beautiful garden, NOW WHAT?

June 13, 2014

So we bought a house in a different state, in a different climate, in a different soil type… NOW WHAT???  I don’t have time to figure all of this out along with finding a new dentist, doctor, school, job, and more… There HAS to be a way to manage this successfully so I have the beautiful garden I used to have!

So many of us end up with beautiful gardens on accident when we buy a new house.  I just bought a log cabin in the mountains and I wouldn’t say that the garden there is beautiful since it was a foreclosure.  We are unsure how many years of neglect we are looking at there, but is pretty catastrophic.  Then there’s the fact that it’s a Northern climate and we are used to a Southern climate… and also that it’s in rocky mountain soil where we are used to the red clay soil of Virginia.  What’s a girl to do when she STILL wants to UNgarden and not be strapped to her yard all year?

I also happen to have a friend who just bought a new house as well.  But in her case, she DOES have a well maintained yard.  The previous owner of Penny’s new house paid a lot of money to have it professionally landscaped, and it’s filled with dozens of perennials, bushes, trees, and bulbs that Penny will now inherit, chores and all.  So, I’m going to break this down into baby steps because that is how I roll, and I’m sure Penny does too as a working mom.  I don’t mind being outside working intermittently for short simple amounts of time.  (No back breaking labor either… nope, I don’t think I’d like to do that…  no matter how badly a plant needs me…)  So, let’s get to work so Penny and I can get done, and sit on a nice lounge chair in our new yards with a glass of wine!  This post will be about Penny’s yard and I’ll do mine when we officially move in July.



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Penny’s UNgardener Chart(Click on this to open it up in MS Excel):  Penny was given a booklet of most of the plants that were installed into her yard when the previous owners had it professionally landscaped.  How nice is that!  It’s super handy since she has the exact species name for each of these plants and can easily make sure she is doing all that she can do to maintain all of these beautiful plants.


penny pic chores


penny pic shopping list

So, for her chore and shopping lists I took that original plant list and reorganized it into seasonal chores and materials she would need to get it all done efficiently.

Feel free to reproduce this in your own yard or send me a list of plants and I’d be happy to send you one.

And as for my new yard, that will be a future challenge for me to tackle…  more about that later… LOL…

Thanks for reading!


The UNgardener


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