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Power in the garden!

June 5, 2014


Look out Bear Mountain!  The UNgardener’s got a power drill!

I’m a process engineer by degree and work experience, so my thoughts always go to things like: “how much faster could I do this?”  And now I can measure success in my garden by plants in the ground per minute.  I planted 18 annuals in 20 minutes last month in rocky soil where 5 bulbs took me a back breaking hour last Fall.  Those bulbs better just watch out this coming November!

What’s your favorite gardening power tool?  I’m going to need more of these!


The UNgardener


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  1. Brilliant! I love that your drill is pink. 🙂 ~amy

  2. Me too Amy!!! All of my tools for the garden are pink!!! It could only be better if they could also be sparkly!!!

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