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Top 10 Children’s Theme Garden Ideas

March 6, 2014


There are a lot of great ideas for a kids garden, but I have some favorites!

1) There must be a sandbox!

Must have a sandbox!

Must have a sandbox!

2) Install a GRAND entrance for princes and princesses.

Children's Garden 2012

3) Plant edibles as much as possible even if you aren’t tending to them regularly.  Finding berries, tomatoes, and pumpkins are amazing treasures to little ones.  You  might even plant a full size pumpkin plant along side a baby pumpkin plant so they can marvel at the variances.

Mercy picking strawberries!

Mercy picking strawberries!

4) Color, LOTS of color is seriously important!  I like to stick to primary colors so it’s not girly pink or boy blue outside as the great outdoors should remain gender neutral in my opinion.

Tires to play in!

Tires to play in!

5) Have your little ones help build their garden.  Their sense of ownership will grow exponentially.  I have one child who enjoys this more than the others, but all of them enjoy the planning process where we all get to dream up our annual additions to the garden.


6) Stepping stones are a fun way to mark walk-ways that children will hop, skip, and jump over.  I also like mulch instead of grass so there aren’t rules about toys so much during mowing season.  The garden won’t be fun if everyone is always upset about it being messy.


7) TOYS!!!  Go to the GoodWill… they don’t have to be full price since they will just sit outside.  I typically browse the used stores a couple times in the Spring and bring home one or two new toys for the Kids’ Garden.  This is also teaching my kids about the value of shopping greener.

My cheesy kids!

8) Flowers blooming abundantly are very important too.  I like to plant both annuals and perennials so we can discuss them as they come into season.  It’s mystical to little people how plants like lilies just pop up out of  nowhere…


9) Herbs are fun too.  They are very similar in function to scratch and sniff stickers.  I used to love those as a kid so every year my kids and I are outside pulling leaves off trees, flowers, edibles, and herbs seeing which ones are yummy smelling.

10)  And Last but not least… have a comfy chair for yourself in the garden so the kids can have YOU out there with them.  I’ll take my coffee and go sit and watch them play in the sandbox for hours in the spring and fall.  There is no better place for a family than the backyard Children’s Garden!!

Kitchen sets go great in a Children's Garden.  Next to a sandbox and the kids are in pretend heaven!

Kitchen sets go great in a Children’s Garden. Next to a sandbox and the kids are in pretend heaven!


The UNgardener


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  1. One fun idea is to grow a pet ticklemeplant and watch how the leaves fold and the branches fall down when you Tickle It!

  2. These are great ideas .. thank you for sharing! Bren

  3. I can’t believe you posted on this topic the very week my Children’s Garden arrived at the top of my Master List! I love your ideas, I had a little “House” but I have decided to add a few more items like something to climb through, and maybe an outdoor summer “kitchen” after reading your blog and seeing photos. Great Post… Thanks!!!

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