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Top 10 Reasons to SQUARE Garden

October 4, 2013



It’s a simple method of gardening, and I LOVE simple!  In the 1970’s it was developed by a man named Mel Bartholomew who clearly was an UNgardener himself.  The seeds are planted into clearly marked 1′ x 1′ plots.  And if the plant calls for more space, then it’s given that many plots.  Simple!


1) It has a strong focus on organic gardening, and who doesn’t like doing things the all natural way?

2) Easy start up!  Grab some wood and nails.  Build boxes, then go back to my Lasagna Gardening post and set it up as a raised bed.

3) Healthy, Happy Soil!  Following the Lasagna Gardening method will give you the happiest soil, ready to organically grow you some mean veggies!  Mel’s Mix of soil is very similar to the LG method for soil mixture.  He prefers: a combination of ⅓ peat  moss, ⅓ vermiculite and ⅓ compost.

4) Low maintenance effort to work with the soil… since it’s so loose and crumbly all gardening chores are simpler.  Imagine planting seeds in loose soil, weeding in loose soil, and harvesting root vegetables out of loose soil.

5) Extended growing season… thanks to having the soil raised up over the ground a bit, the ground temperature is ever so slightly warmer thereby lengthening the growing season and leading to more produce.

6) Better drainage… again, thanks to the loose soil…

7) Plants are all accessible… there is no walking on this garden so the soil remains loose, not compacted.  And you set them up so that you can walk a rotation around them and reach each and every plant with ease.

8) Handicap Equipped… Want to make mom or grandma who can’t get around the BEST Mother’s Day present EVER???  Make her a raised Square Lasagna Garden!!!  You can build it up to whatever height she can work from, even waist height if need be.  Anyone can garden this way!!

9) Highest Yield EVER!!  You’ll find that despite needing less space since you don’t need a walkway, you will be growing more produce than you could’ve ever imagined with the healthy soil and sheer will to get outside more often since every garden chore you have to do is made much easier.

10) NO WEEDING!!!  So here’s my favorite reason to make a raised square lasagna garden!  Less work!!

Happy Gardening Everyone!  Let me know if you already do this and what your favorite part of it is.  I’d love if you left links to photos of your gardens in the comments here.


The UNgardener


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  1. Excellent! By the way, I love the idea of a play set for children in the midst of the garden. That’s the best! 😊

  2. Great post! One of my very good friends homeschools (and gardens), and I’m going to share your site with her. Best wishes, WG

    • Two awesome hobbies/jobs!! I’m at for my homeschool blog. Thanks for stopping by!!

      • Thank you for your other blog address. I’ll share both with my friend, who set up a blog for her daughters to document their summer travel in photos and essays. They did a great job with it. WG

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