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10 Top Garden Theme Ideas

January 26, 2013

Over the past few years I have searched for unique themed garden ideas.  I enjoy the idea of all flowers and vegetables for sure, but I much prefer to use my creativity to put together a masterpiece in my small yard.  Afterall, life is short.  I never plant in the typical rectangular plot.  I just don’t have any space in my yard that lends itself to that idea and as I don’t claim to be a farmer or even a gardener really, I don’t worry much about following what appears to be the status quo.  So below you will find some of my favorite garden theme discoveries.  Without further ado… here are what I consider the top ten garden theme ideas!  Enjoy!


The UNgardener

1)  SALSA GARDEN – Who doesn’t love a good salsa?  And what better way to always have your favorite than to make it yourself with fresh bounty from your backyard!

Here’s a great site that lays out how to put together a super salsa garden.  I didn’t like that it didn’t have any pictures so I included a link also from Better Homes and Gardens, which is my absolute FAVORITE gardening website.  I look at their ideas almost monthly.

salsa-garden-1 photo

2) PIZZA GARDEN – Yeah pizza, my favorite food!!  I must give credit to Better Homes and Gardens.

pizza garden photo

3) HERB GARDEN – We all need one of these just outside our kitchen door.  This website, Mother Earth News is pretty awesome.  I love their write up of herb gardening.  It provides a lot of layout options for the UNgardener.  I’m thinking about putting them both in pots on my deck and around my deck in the ground this year.  Plus, these cork markers are going to happen in my pots this year too!


4) ChildrensVegetableGarden Plan – A big passion of mine has always been making the yard fun and educational for my kids.  I allow them to help me put everything together every year.  Here’s a great idea, again from Better Homes and Gardens.

ChildrensVegetableGarden photo

5) JAPANESE TEA GARDEN – So cool!  In our fast paced world, what better then to have a quiet respite to get away from the to-do list, the ringing phone, (in a whisper) um the kids…, and just life in general.  It would be a place to “be” rather than a place to “do”.  This one had to be in the top ten for that reason alone.

Japanese-garden-flowers-design photo

6) WINE SENSORY GARDEN – Anyone who knows me, knows I couldn’t put this list together without this garden theme.  We have Wine Night every week at our house with wonderful friends, food, and of course, wine.  I discovered this garden theme when I was working at the Virginia Beach Farmer’s Market.  I didn’t work there long enough to make them one, but if I had worked there longer, it sure would’ve been a fun project!  I believe this garden theme was made popular by Kendall Jackson Winery in CA.

white-wine-chart photo Red-wine-chart photo

7) FAIRY GARDEN – When my family goes on vacation to the cabins in the Shenandoah Mountains we always make a fairy garden.  The kids design it all day long selecting just the right location for it, making paths, furniture, toys, and anything else their little imaginations come up with.  Then if they have created a comfortable enough environment for the fairies, they come that night and leave pennies to show that they were there.  Now-a-Days you can find Fairy Furniture at your local garden center.  We will be making grand plans this year for adding a superb Fairy Garden to our Children’s Garden.  I will post about it when we do it for sure!  For now, check out this site that gives you some ideas to start planning your own Fairy Garden.

Fairy Garden Photo

8) RAIN GARDEN – Last summer we had so much rain that I had the wettest part of my yard accumulate so many mosquitos that when my 2 year old went to play in his sandbox he immediately had 10 mosquitos on his face.  It was downright scary.  So this year (if I can fit in all my grandious plans without going over my 30 minutes a day) I might install some plants that soak up some of the rain.  Then, of course, we will probably have a drought… LOL… Check out this 6 step plan to start your own Rain Garden.

Rain Garden photo

9) ROSE GARDEN – Since rose is almost everyone’s favorite flower it must be in the top ten.  Check out this particularly beautiful rose garden plan from Better Homes and Gardens.

rose garden photo

10) BACKYARD VINYARD – You HAVE to check out what this guy did!  I really want to fit this idea into my 30 minutes a day now that I’ve seen it!  My husband is the wine maker.  He’s made three batches so far and the third was a strawberry fruit wine that was amazing!  We picked fresh local strawberries, cleaned them, cut them, fermented them, and are now drinking superb wine.  They say copying is the most sincere form of flattery and you can bet I will be contacting this guy shortly to get some good tips!  I know you will enjoy this garden theme idea!

Backyard Vineyard photo


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